The Best Football Shoulder Pads

If you’re a football player, you’ll know how important it is to wear the right protective gear. Football shoulder pads are designed to protect you from serious injuries by absorbing and dispersing energy from an impact. This makes them essential for protecting the shoulders and upper body while playing football. We researched dozens of football… Read More

The Best Athletic Supporters

In many sporting activities, there are few pieces of protective equipment quite as important as an athletic supporter. Athletic supporters are designed to support and protect genitalia whilst allowing for free movement during exercise. While commonly used for impact protection in contact and bat-and-ball sports like football, baseball, cricket, lacrosse, hockey, paintball, and martial arts,… Read More

The Best Hockey Helmets

Proper sports equipment is a must-have no matter what the sport is. Hockey helmets are essential to the game of hockey since the risk of being hit with a stick or puck is rather high. Hockey helmets are designed to handle the impact and absorb the blow to protect your head from potential injury. We… Read More