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The 12 Top-Rated Supplements for a Quick Boost of Energy

Most everyone has days when they feel like sleeping the day away rather than getting out of bed and tackling the demands of day-to-day life. Others have a consistent afternoon slump that hits around the same time each day – often following lunch – when they could really use a quick pick-me-up that promotes clarity and focus without the jitters followed by the inevitable crash.

Energy supplements come in a variety of forms and target different processes in an effort to boost energy. Some rely on the old standby – caffeine – while others use a unique combination of natural ingredients and essential vitamins and minerals to fuel the body’s systems and promote natural energy production.

There are hundreds of energy supplements available today, making it increasingly challenging to filter out the quality products from the gimmicks. We took a look at the many energy supplements on the market today and narrowed down the options to choose ten supplements across the various formulations (such as powders, capsules and tablets, and gels) that really work. Note that most energy supplements have different effects for different people, so no two supplements will create precisely the same experience for everyone. Some people respond better to supplements that target specific deficiencies, while others can get the best results with a caffeine boost.

No matter your circumstances, it’s always a good idea to discuss any supplements with your healthcare provider before adding them to your daily regimen to avoid supplements that are dangerous for you due to underlying health conditions or ingredients that may interfere with medications that you’re taking. If you’re on the hunt for a legit energy supplement, one of these 12 options might be just what you’re looking for.

Buying Information

Energy supplements come in all shapes and sizes, from powder formulations that you can mix with water or juice to capsules, energy gel, and even chewables. The delivery mechanism doesn’t matter quite as much as performance, although some consumers prefer different types of supplements for different purposes. For instance, energy gels are commonly used by athletes as a way to quickly replenish carbohydrates and other essential nutrients following a marathon, competition, or other intense physical activity. Others prefer powder formulations that come in canisters (which can also be a money-saving strategy) to enjoy an energy supplement before they start their day.

Many powder-formulation energy supplements also come in single-serve packets, making it easy to carry a packet or two in your day bag or briefcase for an energy boost when the mid-afternoon slump hits. Likewise, energy gels are typically sold in single-serve pouches, as these are most often used by endurance athletes who need a quick, easy way to replenish electrolytes and fuel their bodies during intense training events.

There are also a range of ingredients in energy supplements. Many rely on caffeine, at least in part, to provide a jolt of energy, but some of the best energy supplements combine caffeine with other ingredients, such as L-theanine, to create a smoother, more focused experience. Many supplements are made from all-natural ingredients, so you can be sure that you’re not trading one problem (fatigue) for another (potentially harmful substances). Still others have unique, proprietary blends of natural ingredients with a specifically formulated blend of vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients that target key physiological systems in the body to promote sustained, focused energy.

Reviews of the Top-Rated Energy Boosting Supplements

1. Powher
Powher Topping our list of the best energy boosting supplements is a natural performance enhancer called Powher. This female only product uses an anti-stimulant approach to offer 5 hours of energy and motivation, without side effects or jitters.

Developed as a fitness aid to support improved metabolism and quicker weight loss, Powher is also a great product if you are simply looking to increase focus and concentration.

Key to this is its inclusion of 500mg of EnXTra alongside 100mg of natural caffeine. When used together these ingredients support an all-day glow as well as an improved attention span during intense activities.

This powdered supplement also packs in a further ten natural extracts in order to encourage thermogenesis and fat burning as you work-out.

Most notable of all of these is Oxyjun, another premium energy booster that is naturally sourced from the Indian ingredient ‘arjuna bark’ and not used in cheaper energy drinks. The multiple benefits associated with this non-stimulant include; improved cardiovascular function, greater lung capacity and better strength whilst performing taxing leg exercises.

Other proven additions to this formula include L-Citrulline, Beta Alanine and the ‘super antioxidant’ Rednite, a pure form of beetroot extract with 10x the performance benefits.


• Better cardiac performance
• Superior motivation and focus
• Promotes thermogenesis and quicker fat stripping
• Added strength and toning
• Doesn’t use bulking ingredients like creatine
• Positive reviews
• Multi-box discounts (no coupon code required)
• Great taste

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2. Leanbean

LeanbeanThis supplement is specifically formulated for athletic women to help not only burn unwanted fat, but also boost energy naturally. The dietary supplement contains 12 proven fat burning and energy boosting ingredients that burn fat throughout the day and while exercising. Natural ingredients such as green coffee and green tea extract will help boost your energy and motivation to get your working out – and they’ll also help with boosting your metabolism. Leanbean also contains Garcinia Cambogia, which helps with suppressing your appetite, and other powerful ingredients such as Konjac Fibre and Turmeric. Best of all this supplement is made with all natural ingredients!

Leanbean dietary supplement is made with all natural ingredients and no harmful stimulants. Best of all this supplement is made with is only made with ingredients proven to help women fat burn throughout the day and during their workout. For optimal results, take 1 capsule 4 times a day with food.

3. AdvoCare Spark Energy Drink

Advocare Spark Energy

AdvoCare is a pretty widely recognized wellness brand, and it has many loyal fans who rave about its products. The company’s vitamin and amino acid supplement, Spark, offers a combination of 20 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients designed to enhance mental focus and deliver energy. With a specific amount of caffeine for an immediate energy and focus boost plus vitamin B to help your body produce its own sustained energy and neuroactive amino acids that aid in improving mental clarity and focus, AdvoCare Spark is the ideal combination for consumers who need to beat fatigue and maintain calm, consistent, focused energy to tackle the tasks at hand.

For use by people who are 18 or older, Spark is available in 10 different flavors including blue raspberry, cherry, limeade, fruit punch, grape, mandarin orange, mango strawberry, pink lemonade, watermelon, and green apple. Spark contains an ideal blend of vitamins including Vitamin A, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, making this energy supplement a valuable addition to your healthy diet.

Each serving of Spark contains 120mg of caffeine, and it comes in both single-serve packets or canisters for those who need an energy boost on the go as well as those who enjoy a daily energy supplement at home. It’s important to note that some Spark flavors contain both natural and artificial flavors, so those who prefer to avoid artificial flavors and colors should examine the labels closely.

4. True Recovery (TR) Bio Energy

True Recovery (TR) Bio EnergySimilar to Zhou Energy & Focus, True Recovery Bio Energy uses caffeine and L-theanine to promote optimal brain focus in a vegetarian-friendly formulation. With TR Bio Energy, you’ll feel the effects within minutes and achieve a smooth, jitter-free level of focus that enables you to perform at your best without a nasty crash in a few hours.

True Recovery sites a study conducted by the International Society of Sports Nutrition, which found that the combination of caffeine and L-theanine both increased alertness and improved cognitive performance.

TR also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, meaning if you try it, and you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you, you’ll get a full refund – no questions asked. TR Bio Energy comes in bottles containing 60 capsules, with a serving size of one capsule. Whenever you need a burst of energy or improved focus, take one to two capsules to perform at your best.

5. Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy

Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino EnergyOptimum Nutrition (ON) Essential Amino Energy is an energy supplement containing 0 grams of sugar, 100mg of caffeine, and 5g of amino acids per serving. A two-scoop serving is ideal for getting over your afternoon sluggishness, and if you need a pre-workout boost, a four-scoop serving helps you to increase the amino acid matrix by fueling your body with 10g of amino acids and 200mg of caffeine in an easy-to-mix drink that tastes as good as it makes you feel.

Optimum Nutrition is one of the few supplement companies that own and operate their own production facilities, meaning they have precise control over the ingredients in their products and can ensure top-tier quality control through a hands-on approach. The company also boasts strenuous requirements for raw materials, with their Quality Assurance Technicians regularly rejecting large quantities of raw materials that fail to meet the company’s rigid quality standards.

Essential Amino Energy comes in a choice of 13 flavor options, including both fruity (fruit fusion, lemon-lime, blueberry mojito, blue raspberry, grape, green apple, orange, peach lemonade, pineapple, strawberry-lime, and watermelon) and coffee-inspired flavors (iced café vanilla and mocha cappuccino) to suit anyone’s discerning taste.

6. Weyland Energy
Weyland EnergyWeyland is a health and nutrition company creating products that support brain health and performance. Weyland’s Energy is an alternative to the usual caffeine pills and energy shots that so many consumers turn to when they desperately need a boost, only to crash and burn a short time later.

Weyland Energy contains caffeine sourced botanically from Guarana Seed Extract as well as a complete B-vitamin complex, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and herbs known to support energy including Rhodiola Rosea from Russia, Panax Ginseng from Asia, and Ashwagandha Extract from India. This formula also contains 100% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of B-vitamin complex, which is known to aid metabolism and help to maintain energy levels.

Weyland Energy is manufactured in the USA in facilities inspected by the FDA and rated independently by third parties. Plus, the company offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the product for any reason.

7. Smarter Daily – Smarter Energy

Smarter Daily - Smarter EnergySmarter Daily – Smarter Energy is made in the United States, with the popular caffeine and L-theanine combination proven to provide clean, lasting energy throughout the day with no crashes. With 150mg of caffeine per serving, Smarter Energy can be your first step in cutting out caffeinated beverages and energy drinks that add calories to your diet.

Smarter Energy is GMP and NSF certified. lab-tested, and manufactured in a US-based facility that’s been inspected by the FDA. You’ll feel the effects within 30 minutes of taking Smarter Energy, so it’s a great supplement for giving you a pre-workout boost, an added push when you’re on a diet and feeling fatigued, or a pre-studying supplement when you need to focus the most.

Like other supplements on this list, Smarter Energy offers a 100% money-back guarantee with no questions asked. If you’re not satisfied with the effects of Smarter Energy or your results, simply let the company know for a full refund.

8. MegaFood Blood Builder

MegaFood Blood BuilderMegaFood Blood Builder may not sound like a supplement that will boost your energy, but it’s the company’s top-selling product for a reason. Blood Builder targets the blood, as its name suggests, delivering nutrients that help you maintain healthy red blood cell counts as well as iron levels in the blood – both crucial components of energy.

In fact, iron deficiency prevents your body from producing enough red blood cells, which are responsible for carrying oxygen to your vital organs. Fatigue and exhaustion is one of the most common indicators that you might have an iron deficiency. If you’ve been diagnosed with an iron deficiency or anemia, Blood Builder is an exceptional supplement for combating your symptoms, although you should always discuss any supplements with your healthcare provider to avoid potentially dangerous interactions with medications or adverse impacts on your health.

If you’re not anemic or you’re not sure if you have an iron deficiency, Blood Builder is still a wise choice, promoting healthy blood cell production and circulation, helping to ward off mental fogginess, and boosting your immunity. Containing Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12, folate, and iron, Blood Builder is a healthy supplement for many people seeking an energy boost without turning to caffeine and other substances.

9. GU Energy Gel

GU Energy GelGU Energy Gel is designed for people who engage in daily training or competition. Loaded with energy-packed calories in a convenient, single-serving packet that can easily be stored in a backpack or bag, GU Energy Gel is perfect for people who need sustained energy during intense physical activity of any duration – whether biking, running, hiking, or your latest triathlon.

There are 100 calories in each GU Energy Gel packet, loaded with carbohydrates including maltodextrin and fructose, which use non-competing pathways to maximize absorption and make the energy you need readily accessible to your body’s muscles and physiological systems. Additionally, energy gel like GU Energy Gel is an ideal choice for serious athletes who need to restore their energy reserves during long-duration events without risking stomach upset and GI distress.

GU Energy Gel also contains sodium, essential for proper hydration as it helps to maintain the body’s water balance (and a large volume of sodium is typically lost through sweat), and branched-chain amino acids including leucine, valine, and isoleucine, which aid in mental clarity and help to minimize muscle damage. GU Energy Gel provides a stable, steady level of energy thanks to the combination of fructose, which provides an energy boost within minutes, and maltodextrin, which takes a few minutes longer to convert to energy, providing a consistent flow of energy to your muscles when you need it most. GU Energy Gel is available in a variety of flavors, including both caffeinated and non-caffeinated options.

10. Hüma Chia Energy Gel

Hüma Chia Energy GelHüma Chia Energy Gel is made with 100% natural ingredients and real food for an all-natural, great-tasting energy boost. It’s both vegan and gluten-free, making it an ideal choice for endurance athletes who need sustained energy but can’t use other types of energy gels due to dietary restrictions.

Hüma Chia Energy Gel contains chia seeds, fruit puree, brown rice syrup, sea salt, filtered water and coconut water, which combine for an ideal combination of nutrients sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium in varying amounts, depending on the flavor. Some flavor options like Strawberries, Mangoes, Blueberries, Raspberries, and Lemonade also provide a boost in omega-3 fatty acids, while the Chocolate and Café Mocha flavors appeal to those who enjoy richer flavors over fruity options.

The ingredients used in Hüma Chia Energy Gel aren’t randomly selected; in fact, the company provides a detailed explanation of the science behind their powerful energy blend. Evaporated cane juice and brown rice syrup, for instance, provides both short- and long-chain glucose, as well as fructose in a specific ratio designed to increase carb absorption. The ground chia seeds that make Hüma so unique serve a distinct purpose as well: modulating carbohydrate absorption, creating the sustained, steady flow of energy to your cells that athletes need to perform at their best. Citric acid reduces physiological stress and attenuates physical fatigue, and sea salt creates the ideal sodium and potassium ratio commonly found in electrolyte solutions. Finally, coconut water serves as a natural carb source plus electrolytes, aiding in rehydration and refueling essential vitamins – plus, coconut water has antioxidant properties, which are always a wise addition to a healthy diet. The primary downside to Hüma Chia Energy Gel is its cost. At about $54 for 24 packets or servings, it’s pricier than many energy gels, but consumers who value the unique blend of all-natural ingredients find it well worth the cost.

11. Zhou Energy & Focus

Zhou Energy & FocusDo you need a bit of added focus in addition to something to help fight fatigue? Zhou Energy & Focus aims to provide steady and focused energy rather than the jittery energy burst followed by an unpleasant crash that many energy supplements cause. A combination of 100mg of caffeine and 200mg of theanine creates the ideal combination for smooth, lasting energy that not only helps you stay active but provides the clarity you need to focus on the important tasks at hand.

Theanine helps to neutralize the negative side effects associated with caffeine use alone, allowing you to take advantage of the energy provided by caffeine – as well as the fat-burning effects – without the negative side effects that typically come with it. Plus, Zhou Energy & Focus is an all-natural product, so you don’t have to worry about putting unhealthy sugars, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and other potentially harmful substances in your body.

Zhou Energy & Focus is considered a nootropic, or a supplement that promotes focused mental function, as well as an energy supplement. As such, some consumers find that it offers the added benefit of reducing social anxiety, helping you to function at your best in all kinds of social situations.

12. Amazing Grass Energy Green SuperFood

Amazing Grass Energy Green SuperFoodAmazing Grass Green SuperFood is a blend of nutritious greens, fruits packed with phytonutrients, cereal grasses, vegetables, and even digestive enzymes and probiotics. Yerba Mate and Matcha green tea are combined to create a plant-based caffeine, adding about 85mg of caffeine to the traditional Amazing Grass SuperFood, resulting in an energy-boosting combination with an extra kick for those who need it.

Like the standard Amazing Grass Green SuperFood, this energy supplement includes a proprietary blend of organic, non-GMO wheat grass, broccoli, spinach, barley, chlorella, spirulina, and alfalfa. Packed with vital nutrients and minerals, Amazing Grass Green SuperFood contains everything you need to start your day right and finish it strong.

The extra energy-boosting ingredients, Yerba Mate (from Guayaki) and organic Matcha green tea, are both plant-based ingredients that contain energy- and clarity-supporting polyphenols. When you need to beat fatigue and want a boost in essential vitamins and nutrients at the same time, you can’t go wrong with this delicious lemon-lime powder that can be mixed with water, juice, or just about any beverage to please your taste buds.