The Best Baseball Pitching Machines

Baseball pitching machines offer a great way to practice perfecting your pitching technique without plenty of team members to help you out. Using a baseball pitching machine means you can practice either solo or with just one helper. They’re perfect for players of any age! We reviewed dozens of baseball pitching machines to identify the… Read More

The Best Softball Bats

Whether you play softball recreationally or competitively, you’ll need a decent softball bat. Which you choose will likely depend on your level of involvement in the game. If you simply play in your yard with friends and family, or in a fun league, you can get by with a basic softball bat. On the other… Read More

The Best Golf Swing Trainers

Whether you’re looking to become the next Michelle Wie or Tiger Woods, or you simply want to improve your golf swing and overall technique, practice makes perfect. However, practicing on a golf course or driving range isn’t always possible. Unless you happen to live nearby a golf course and have some serious connections, regularly going… Read More

The Best Golf Practice Nets

If you want to become good at your chosen sport, then practice is key. Golf is no exception; before you hit the green, you need to practice putting, driving, and chipping. One way you can do that conveniently without heading out to the driving range is to purchase a golf practice net to use at… Read More

The Best Golf Swing Analyzers

Golf can be a challenging sport to learn, and most of the challenge is getting your swing just right. While having a professional trainer by your side is probably the best way to up your game and improve your swing, the reality is that most of us cannot afford to bring along a pro every… Read More

The Best Kids' Golf Clubs

Approximately 25 million Americans play golf. While you might assume that this is a sport geared toward adults, many children also enjoy golfing. Children can’t use adult-sized golf clubs properly until they are teenagers because they are not big and tall enough. For a child who wants to play golf, kids’ golf clubs are a… Read More

The Best Golf Rangefinders

A golf rangefinder can help you improve your game and tailor your shots by telling you the distance between your current location and the hole you’re aiming for, or other known points on the course. Laser rangefinders are by far the most common choice by today’s golfers, but you can still find some GPS rangefinders… Read More

The Best Golf Bags

It goes without saying that every keen golfer needs a golf bag to tote around their clubs, balls, and tees. There’s no way you could make it around the fairway without one. There are all kinds of golf bags on the market, however, so picking one that best suits your needs can seem challenging. In… Read More

The Best Soccer Balls

Soccer is one of the most popular sports around the world. In America, it’s mostly played by kids and college students, but adults are catching onto the fun of the sport as well. When it comes to playing or practicing soccer, it’s essential to have the right gear. You need some cleats, shin guards, a… Read More

The Best Soccer Goals

You don’t need very much equipment to play soccer. However, if you want to practice, you simply must have a soccer goal. While anyone can kick a ball around, a soccer goal is what really makes soccer soccer. However, it isn’t always easy to pick out a soccer goal. There are just so many available… Read More

The Best Lacrosse Sticks

Lacrosse is a team sport played with a ball and a long stick with a net at the end. Each player’s stick is used to carry, pass, and throw the ball, making it the most important piece of equipment on the field. If you or your child is playing lacrosse, you’ll need to purchase a… Read More

The Best Football Helmets

Football helmets keep players safe, even during dangerous tackles and falls. Whether you play football recreationally or on a team, it’s a good idea to invest in a high-quality football helmet for protection. It can make a significant difference in how safe it is to play football and whether you get a concussion from a… Read More

The Best Baseball Bats

If you want to play baseball, you simply must have a baseball bat. Whether you’re practicing for a high school team, a parent interested in buying their young child a bat, or simply love playing baseball on the weekend, you must have a bat to fully play and enjoy the game. However, there is a… Read More

The Best Portable Basketball Hoops

Who doesn’t like basketball? It’s a great game to play on a relaxed Sunday evening with your friends and family or competitively with a group of friends. It is a versatile game that appeals to a wide variety of tastes and preferences. However, to truly play basketball, you need one large piece of equipment –… Read More

Featuring an in-ground design and a unique, sturdy adjustable pole, the Pro Dunk Silver is the basketball hoop to get if you want a pro experience. It is designed with only the highest quality materials and features a gym-quality tempered glass backboard. The backboard is a full ½ inch thick. The pole itself is 5×5… Read More

The Best Ice Hockey Sticks

Ice hockey sticks used to be made out of wood only – and many players stand by this tried-and-true style – but many sticks are composites and made from a variety of materials to create the most powerful stick you can buy. Some hockey sticks are built with wood and composite parts so you can… Read More

The Best Footballs

Football is one of the most popular sports in the US, and a game that’s enjoyed by millions. If you’re a football player, it’s worth investing in a high-quality football that will last you for years to come. Whether you’re a pro, an amateur, a casual player, or just someone who loves tossing a ball… Read More

The Best Gymnastics Mats

Gymnastics is a high-energy, active sport that requires a lot of dedication, ambition, and perseverance to master. And the more you practice, the better you’ll become. Even competitive gymnasts will benefit from using a mat at home to perfect their routine. In order to excel as a gymnast, you’ll almost need a gymnastics mat for your… Read More

The Best Basketballs

Whether you’re looking to play weekend hoops or you need to practice for the big game, knowing which basketball to purchase can make the process of buying one easier. Maybe you thought all basketballs were the same. Like all sports equipment, there is good equipment, well-known brands, and those you’re best to stay away from…. Read More

The Best Field Hockey Sticks

As a field hockey player, there’s nothing like using your own stick for regular games. Even if you’ve just picked up the sport, using your own stick regularly will help to improve your ball control, hitting power, and pretty much everything about your game! We reviewed dozens of field hockey sticks to find the best… Read More

The Best Balance Beams for Gymnastics

If you or your child is involved with gymnastics, a balance beam can make it easier to practice at home in between visits to the gym. Even if you don’t compete or take gymnastics classes, you can improve your overall balance by using a balance beam. Balance beams can also help young children learn and… Read More

The Best Tennis Rackets

Tennis is a sport that nearly anyone can get into. You can play with just one other person or with a group of three others, and you can play on tennis courts at local parks, at country clubs, or even in your own backyard. Tennis is a non-contact sport, and you can get a good… Read More

The Best Tennis Balls

Whether you’re starting out in tennis or are an old hand at it, you’ll know that there are some essential pieces of equipment you need to play. You’ll of course need your racket and the right gear, such as well-made tennis shoes. And then there’s the humble round ball that makes it all possible: the… Read More

The Best Tennis Ball Hoppers

Most tennis players will agree that one of the most frustrating parts of playing the sport is collecting any tennis balls that are scattered around the court. After all, no one enjoys bending over to collect them! Not only does it distract you from the game and waste time, but it can also be uncomfortable… Read More

The Best Baseball Bags

Is your current baseball bag all but falling apart? Or do you constantly lug all of your equipment in a makeshift bag—or worse—in your hands and arms? If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions, it’s high time you started using a proper baseball bag. Baseball bags are designed to help you transport all of… Read More

The Best Golf Drivers

When it comes to sports with some of the most nuances to it, golf is near the top of the list. Being technically sound along with having ample patience is a prerequisite to be successful at golf. From professional trainers to golf swing analyzers to rangefinders to practice nets, there is a bevy of options to… Read More

The Best Hybrid Golf Clubs

Whether you’re new to hybrid golf clubs, quite familiar with them, or just curious, these types of clubs could improve your game. Often referred to as utility or rescue clubs, the hybrid golf club isn’t just for the layman – many pros use them as well. Typically available as 3 through 9 irons and a… Read More

The Best Golf Balls

Even experienced golfers can struggle to find the best golf balls that will give the perfect flight and distance, and help lower their handicap. Of course, every player has their own preferences and some don’t even know exactly what they want from a ball yet. Luckily, we’re here with the information you need to select… Read More

The Best Golf Push, Pull Carts

Walking is great exercise, and walking the approximately 4 miles between 18 holes on your average golf course is a great way to make it through a game, but carrying a bag of clubs can be a real pain. A golf push, pull cart makes it easy to enjoy your time between holes, without putting… Read More